Yolanda Benedito | About me
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About me

Who am I?

Design as my lifestyle. The belief that even the smallest things need a good design. Art from four scribbles on a napkin while having a beer with friends. Studying the needs, providing new solutions and shaping the identity of a company, product or person defining them perfectly. The beauty of things that fulfill their function and do it great.


Illustration, drawing and painting. Coal, wax or digital tablet. Vectors and strokes. The ability to translate what is on the minds of others and improve it. Turning ideas into reality. Fairy Godmother concept, manufacturing and polishing of madness.


Experienced set designer. Expert in spaces, filling or emptying when it has to be done. Decoration, corporeal, lights. Management and production in the field. Transforming events into experiences, provoking emotions, transporting to other worlds. Managing budgets in a realistic way and good reaction under pressure.


Satisfied Clients


Years of experience


Smiles per day


Countries worked

Engineer & Spartan Founder

Álvaro Sanmartin Cid

“Simply the best professional related to the graphic arts I know. She really is an artist with a great capacity for work and taste for excellence in results. But that is only a small part, because iit is best when you work by her side. A constant smile, joy and passion for her work is something that infects all who are around her. If I could, I would always have her on my team”

CEO Erredé

Alberto Royo

“Yolanda is a creative with a great sense of aesthetics and also with a strict sense of work. She always meet deadlines.”

Associate Curator at Coolradoria

Daniela Costa Besouchet

“Yolanda is a very creative professional (designing and finding innovative solutions to new problems) and team spirit. She has full capacity to work under pressure. For me it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with her in different Campus Party.”

Key Account Manager

Valérie Mingaud

“Yolanda is a very dynamic person, and decisive.
It is a creative that quickly can give to the needs / special requests of a client. A charming professional, certainly a great future ahead!”


Apps and Websites design. Creating layouts for mobile and web applications. High sense of aesthetics and user experience expertise. Trendy new technologies and learning constantly.


Taking care of the brand, treating it with care and affection and throwing it to the top. Making sure that it is applied properly and controlling its reproduction.


Imagining new worlds. Taking a theme and inventing a universe where transporting your guests. Backs, stages, experiences, style, signage and decoration.


Drawing, sketching, pencil and paper. Touching, feeling, palpable graph. Modern design, flat, vintage, watercolors, oils. Illustration creative all terrain. There are no limits as long as there's paper, paint and pixels.

Photo retouching

Making beautiful things even nicer. Modifying colors, arranging skins, lights and shadows. Cloning, copying, saturating, creating, nothing is impossible. All my passion and new challenges are in every photograph I work with.

Team management

People are the most important thing. Without them you can not do anything. Team spirit, union, achieving goals and reaching objectives. Good management, hard work but eager. Illusion and fellowship.

Who I am

A Bit About Me

Multidisciplinary Art Director. Creative and dynamic. Responsible for determining the best way to represent the branding of a company, generate ideas and action plans.

I have senior graphic design skills, and I am an expert on tools and processes.

Understanding customer needs and problem-solver with a high knowledge to supervise and inspire a creative team (graphic designers, illustrators, webmasters, layout creators, etc…)

My goal is to be happy doing what I do.

Specialties: Design, Advertising, New Media, Fashion, Coolhunting, Photography and Creativity.



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