Yolanda Benedito | School Direct Partnership Agreement
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School Direct Partnership Agreement

School Direct Partnership Agreement

To become a Direct Lead School, you must enroll in the ITT data management system. These places are mainly aimed at graduates with 3 years or more of professional experience. However, schools may choose to accept applications from people with less work experience to attract quality candidates in hard-to-fill subjects. Potential candidates are expected to be transversal beginners capable of bringing valuable skills and experience to the teaching profession. This experience does not necessarily come from a pedagogical environment. For example, the experience could have been gained in the financial, mechanical engineering or manufacturing sectors. Apprentices should be recruited as Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) in your school partnership as soon as they are qualified. To determine the number of direct school places you want to apply for, you must take this into account. You may also want to consider offering internships at your school to existing direct school providers to gain insight into how the program works. The possibility to offer for 2018 to 2019 was closed on June 22, 2017. If you are interested in participating in ITT between 2019 and 2020, please contact a direct school or ITT provider.

Training places are allocated to the management school on behalf of the partnership, usually for one year. The lead school is responsible for applying for places at the Ministry of Education (DfE) and meeting the criteria for School Direct. The principal school must be a school, a special school, an academy, a free school or a sixth form college, for an overall efficiency of class 1 (excellent) or 2nd (good). You must choose to join an existing partnership or become an orientation school. If you are part of an academy chain, you should ask for seats through your channel`s headquarters and not as an individual school. It is recommended to join an existing direct school partnership. This is because it provides greater opportunities for the exchange of expertise, the meeting of employment expectations, and the implementation of effective program management and management. It also generates economies of scale in negotiations with teacher training providers.

Before opening applications for UCAS Teacher Formation, you should agree on your overall approach with your partner schools and ITT providers so that your recruitment process is open and fair and you have a clear and effective marketing strategy. You should keep in mind that apprentices are employed as unqualified teachers. The DfE makes funds available to manage schools, to cover training costs and to subsidy training salaries. School heads and NQTs in school employment report that NQTs are very well prepared for their teaching missions, both for PGCE routes and for direct school. . . .

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