Yolanda Benedito | Who Signed Australia To The Lima Agreement
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Who Signed Australia To The Lima Agreement

Who Signed Australia To The Lima Agreement

A recent Chinese report on the New Climate Economy project stated that «China will lead the world by providing a plan for a new climate economy.» China wants to set an example for other industrialized countries. I have known about the Lima agreement since Whitlam`s election. And every government since Whitlam has slowly and gently eroded our rights. The fact is, you almost have to have a license to breathe. It is no longer a free country. The other alternative for Australian companies is to avoid these restrictive policies and reposition themselves offshore, and then export their ideas and products to Australia. Our offshore neighbours are also involved in the Lima Declaration and other trade agreements. You are more than happy to give yourself the country, to help you in every sense of the word and not to tax yourself for the first five, eight or even ten years. Their interest rates can range from zero to 4%, not to mention the incentives of Australian governments, which are available to importers from privileged countries.

In 1975, the ALP government of Gough Whitlam signed Australia without public consultation in the United Nations-inspired Lima Declaration, which forced Australia to reduce its production capacity by about 30% and commit to importing this amount from other privileged countries. The Lima conference also left a number of difficult issues unanswered, including how to improve climate finance. The 2009 Copenhagen Accord promised to allocate $100 billion a year to help developing countries cope with climate change. There is still no clue as to whether and how the world will get there. This is worrying, especially for the poorest countries. Clearly, Australian workers are just sacrificing the transformation of economic rationalism into a bizarre cult of globalization. It is recommended that all those at risk take the time to investigate the GATS and other international trade agreements before it is too late. That is not necessarily true. The Aussies loved their Holdens, Fords and Valiants… All designed and manufactured here. Then came the Lima agreement and it became cheaper to produce abroad.

Of course, the unions helped, but it was the Lima agreement and our treacherous governments that destroyed our nation. It is an international trade agreement similar to the general agreement on trade and tariffs. Signing other agreements or agreements with the EU and the United Nations will mean nothing more than a centralising government that implements the orders and agendas of the EU and the EU, and do we want or need this in all truth in Australia? A government totally ready to keep everyone in the dark and to threaten our Constitution, our democracy, our way of life and our freedoms in all circumstances. The world has moved closer to a new climate agreement, in which all countries, not just developed countries, will take action against greenhouse gas emissions after 2020. The two-week Lima climate summit, held two days after Friday`s planned target, was a reminder of the difficulty of involving all countries. But the process is largely on track and Australia will be tested to meet a reasonable emissions target for the post-2020 term. I`ve been through this for years, but I didn`t know what we had to do, which is to share it with everyone, then get rid of all the political parties and start over with a government that works for us and not for themselves and their refined pockets.

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