Yolanda Benedito | Video Licensing Agreement
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Video Licensing Agreement

Video Licensing Agreement

THIS artist grants Multimedia to Intellectual Property Co., its successors and the beneficiaries of the assignment, subject to payment of the amount and registration of advertising materials in accordance with Section D, a non-exclusive and permanent right (except under Section F) and a worldwide licence («territory»): 1. to integrate VIDEO into the PRODUIT and to reproduce this product on all optical or electronic media; 2. In each country of the territory, record the song, the artist`s representation of the song and the lyrics of the song only in sync or temporally with the VIDEO, and reproduce, distribute, import and sell this PRODUIT throughout the territory; 3. to place the PRODUIT on a CD-ROM platform that now exists during the lifetime or which was later developed when that agreement and the rights conferred in paragraphs 1 and 2 are exercised in relation to the version of the product carried; 4) to organize public performances and authorizations for others, the PRODUIT (and the ARTIST REGABENs, texts and VIDEO that are included) for information and advertising, advertising and advertising purposes related to the PRODUIT; and five. use the name, sobriquet, biography, photo or image of the artist and the recorded voice at no additional cost for information and for advertising, advertising and advertising related to THE PRODUIT, but not as approval of a product or service. A license is an agreement between the owner of the copyright of a video (it may be the author and/or the company that financed its production) and another user. The license contains the exemption from exclusive ownership for the intended use of video (online, Broadcast, Corporate, Promotion…). The license may be exclusive (for use by an organization during the term of the license) or not (can be used at any time by multiple organizations). As proposed, the licensee agrees to pay the rights holder a minimum turnover (usually in advance) on the basis of the basic licensing agreement and will pay an additional fee in the event of overheating of the content. 1. Successors/dotations. This agreement is mandatory for rights holders and/or beneficiaries of the transfer of the parties. 2.

Integration. This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and can only be amended or amended by written agreement of the parties.

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