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Legal Services Nyc Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019

Legal Services Nyc Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019

Negotiations in good faith – The duty of a public employer and a union to enter into negotiations with sincere determination to reach an agreement; Have properly qualified representatives in negotiations who are willing to discuss and negotiate all issues in collective bargaining; Take action at appropriate times and in locations without unnecessary delay; making available to each other the data normally managed in due form, in order to allow for a full and regular debate and a good understanding of the negotiations; and, at his request, to execute a written document that embodies the agreed terms and to implement the agreed terms in the event of an agreement. (By Section 1173 – 4.2c of the New York City Collective Bargaining Law.) Service increment – A salary higher than the base salary based on years of service in a professional title or category. This payment is part of the base salary. Not all employees receive service increments. Service gains must be negotiated in the contract unit negotiations. Benefit supplements become eligible for retirement after two years. Eligible negotiating topics – See non-compulsory trading topics. Inflation – An increase in the cost of goods and services. Assignment differential – A payment that goes beyond the base salary, based on the performance of specific or clear tasks.

Not all titles offer any differences in allocation. The allocation differences must be negotiated as part of the collective bargaining of the single agreement. Employees only receive the change of assignment if they perform the tasks indicated. Assignment differences do not become an employee`s base salary. Employees lose their assignment differences when they no longer perform tasks or when they change professional credentials. The amounts of the allocation difference are shown in your unit contract. On Friday, our 224 members of the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) ratified a two-year treaty in which 86% of members voted and 98% voted yes. The contract includes salary increases, a ratification bonus, retro salaries, only cause protection and claim procedures, frozen health insurance premiums for the first year, heavily improved sheets, job security, health and safety, etc.

and a contractual committee on issues of race, diversity, justice and inclusion. ALAA represents all NYLAG staff, including financial advisors, development and administration staff, paralegales and lawyers. Trading unit – groups of securities designated by the Collective Bargaining Authority as common bargaining interests. Each bargaining unit is covered by a single contract. Sometimes a native can represent securities in different trading units. For example, Health Service Employees Local represents 768 blue Collar Unit eradicated, social workers to social services and a large number of titles (e.g. B, occupational therapist) in the department of health services. «Employees of Catholic Migration Services, a non-profit organization in the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens, were quickly recognized as a union by CMS Management and will soon negotiate a first contract.

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